Power Bank AC4530B2-TM

Power Bank AC4530B2-TM

$71.40 $102.00

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10.000 mAh Power Bank with leather case Blue Square

  • weight 0.036 g
  • measures 9,00 x 14,50 x 1,50 (cm)
  • Number of dividers 1
  • Power Bank battery supplied 10
  • Type of construction soft
  • Additional information about construction vertical
  • Thickness of the article flat
  • Manufacturing sharp cut
  • Closure single
  • Type of lock with button
  • Material cuero
  • Mobile holder features exterior mobile phone pocket
  • Animal hide origin Bovine
  • Secondary fabric composition 100% Poliyester

      COLOR DARK BROWN The Blue Square collection is made  of tanned calfskin. This traditional tanning method maintains the beauty of the leather over the years. The raw cut edges that are hand-painted in blue enliven the business character of the collection and are a highly recognisable distinctive element. Piquadro specialises in innovative business bags and accessories, distinguished by a high degree of functionality and a high-performance, recognisable design – the ultimate expression of Italian elegance and originality. Indeed, Piquadro is an Italian brand, exemplified by the quality of its leather and sensitivity of its design. By its passion, creativity and informal yet professional sense of style. By the spirit of the brand, which lies in the concept-inspired ‘tech-inside’ design of each and every item. Yet for Piquadro, functionality goes beyond high-tech accessories and finishing touches. It also means new materials, new tests to verify reliability, and new interior organisation solutions to make items ever more convenient and useful. Thanks to a select choice of materials, construction and functionalities, Piquardo products represent high quality and reliability. A Piquardo bag is an intelligent accessory for an ever busier, more hectic professional life – engineered for business.